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We are a community birthed as a collaborative culture whose aim
is to pioneer spiritual-based concepts, principles and solutions to
problems to help ease humanity’s transition to a new reality.


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Inclusive Framework

Creative pathways with extended time horizons.

Interrelated Systems

Ideas and spiritual energies channeled to effect change.

Policy Initiative

Perspective on cohesive global public policy.

Insights into Change

Insights into transformative thinking.

Affirm a life-changing experience


Our system, it’s framework, operations and procedures are key components that assist member teams to advance continual sustainable development criteria through individual team and work group achievement based on investigation, evidence, research and analysis. Tasks may comprise the entire lifecycle of sustainability through projects, exploration and improvement, community-build, and cohesive global civic practice.

The work performed by member teams and work groups is of vital importance for revealing the type of knowledge needed to spearhead positive directional change in human affairs. They are involved in all aspects and functions of the organization, some listed below, and one of its main sources for vital information.

The internal platform we use is Workstation. It comprises member profile, forum(s), friends, personal account, notifications, messaging, user groups and listings, and community members. Also included are global, personal, and group activity streams with threaded commenting; direct posting, favorites and mentions; and all with full RSS feed and email notification support.

This allows members to work with each other and in private if they wish. Not just limited to one-on-one discussions, they can send messages to many members and groups. Groups can also allow members to organize themselves into specific public, private or hidden sections with separate activity streams and member listings.

Coming soon will be Google Workspace with all components. Plans are underway to feature a Learning Management System (LMS) for in-house training; in addition, one tailored for Burnshire Academy and the other for The Institute For Global Promise.

Years Established

Ongoing Projects

Innovative Experience

Strategic Knowledge

Envision the intellectual life of humanity as devising creative pathways to support its quest from adolescence to maturity. Question the knowledge systems that have given shape to the present order. Reveal its defective elements, and seek to replace them with definitive structures of a future society, and with knowledge of how to construct them. The purpose is to stimulate humanity’s inherent but underutilized talents to spearhead change.

Pioneering Change

Change is an opportunity to experience the growth required to evolve as a global citizen. It means having flexibility, to gain a spiritual perspective, having optimism, and to demonstrate moral courage with unrelenting persistence when faced with daunting challenges. It provides means to exercise our minds, even in unorthodox ways, to compensate for our lack of unstanding and be free to use our imagination to envision a world based on unity and justice.

Framing Human Relationships

Our approach questions long-held assumptions about what it means to be human. We must find ways in which ideas, based on new knowledge, find expression and then adjusted based on experience and circumstance to benefit both the individual and society as progressive steps to advance civilization.

Latest Projects

global health

Global Health

It’s a policy that defines sustainability. Its is intertwined with ecology, global health, human development, research and mutual exchange. The project delineates ways in which we can advance health services on a global basis.
food sacrity

Food Scarcity

The number of people in the world affected by hunger increased in 2020 under the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, remained unchanged from 2014 to 2019, then climbed to around 9.9 percent in 2020, from 8.4 percent a year earlier. See FAO.
ecolog project


We must move from a civilization based on materialistic endeavors to spiritual-affirming social, economic and ecological methods needed to lessen the impact of a severe environmental crisis that's global in its scope and effects.

Related Criteria

Quality Leadership Performance

Leadership is responsiblity. It means to provide values, meaning, and reticude of conduct for people to live by. It exhibits willingness to act, hold oneself accountable, and demonstrates moral purpose for the greater good.

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Values Education

Educate to care, respect, and take action for all life. An education that encourages people to face the problems occurring in society and take responsibility for working to create healthy, vibrant resilient communities that serve everyone.



Governance is a process that's inclusive to state authority, formal and informal organizations, institutions and others to exercise authority and control through the laws, norms, and power of an organized society.

Social Justice

If social justice is to suceed it must overwhealmingly project spiritual values. This will result in marshalling collective endeavours to guarantee that everyone has access to economic security, political parity and human rights.

Collective Security

We must begin to realize the true nature, value, and purpose of the human species if we are to provide the means for its collective security. It will require a radical shift in perspective from selfish individualism to diversity inclusivity.

Burnshire Academy

Burnshire Academy represents a major departure from many current academic institutions and their processes that reconfigure academic agendas and institutional processes as competing commercial enterprises for economic gain; rather, to convey the new knowledge needed to delineate sustainable pathways for systematic progression over extended-time horizons into unknown futures. From this perspective, we can project a unifying notion of social justice that can challenge structural inequalities in relation to current worldwide processes and procedures.

Global Promise

Global promise relies on social science; any branch of academic study or science that deals with human behaviour in its social and cultural aspects. Usually included within the social sciences are cultural (or social) anthropology, sociology, psychology, political science, and economics. This requires diversity-inclusiveness to incorporate into our daily lives the habit of learning about peoples, cultures, geographies, histories, and current issues that cover the world’s regions in order to find solutions to the complex issues and realities that affect today’s world.

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The Global Reach Initiative executes agency protocols to plan and implement stakeholder assistence at the local level.

A part of our community build process where Field Unit members collaborate with stakeholder communities to organize venues for planning, education and training to assist with implementing sustainability goals and objectives.


we postulate a common reality

The Industrial Revolution was the force behind imperialism that led to European Colonial expansion, a global conquest that resulted in long-term debilitating effects of a crass materialism, false ideas of racial superiority, the inferiority of women, social and political inequality, and a host of other maladies that today continue to spawn societal weaknesses worldwide.

A way out of this morass will require long-term vision, perception, and moral courage combined with unrelenting human will to offset current apathy and passivity. We must prepare ourselves to take part in long range systematic planning and decision-making that project progressive and sustainable outcomes at various time-stamped intervals that span perhaps years far beyond immediate futures.

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Festival of Ideas 2022

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy National University of SingaporeFestival of Ideas 2022 10-14 October To celebrate Lee Kuan Yew School...

Local Indigenous Knowledge

International Conference on Local [Indigenous] KnowledgeThe International Conference on Local [Indigenous] Knowledge is an annual...

Civic Culture

Species identity in the future community of global consciousness will not be a concept that gains ascendancy over other identities, and will threaten no one. It will rather be a crowning awareness of how all human identities crafted over time come together in a common. . .

Festival of Ideas 2022

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy National University of SingaporeFestival of Ideas 2022 10-14 October To celebrate...

Local Indigenous Knowledge

International Conference on Local [Indigenous] KnowledgeThe International Conference on Local [Indigenous] Knowledge...

Civic Culture

Species identity in the future community of global consciousness will not be a concept that gains ascendancy over other identities, and will threaten no one. It will rather be a crowning awareness of how all human identities crafted over time come together in a common. . .

Civic Culture

Civic Culture

Species identity in the future community of global consciousness will not be a concept that gains ascendancy over other identities, and will threaten no one. It will rather be a crowning awareness of how all human identities crafted over time come together in a common. . .

Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues

To achieve environmental stability will depend upon how we address major issues impacting human society; be they social, economic, health or political. They all interrelate with combined strength to ravage societies world-wide. A frontal assault is needed to alleviate…

African Spirituality

African Spirituality

African Spirituality. The debilitating effects of excessive western-style materialism continue to exploit and wreak havoc on human populations. In this climate spirituality seems to be a non-starter. Therefore, we explore the spirituality and enduring characteristics…

Conceptual Framework

Changing humanity’s conceptual framework is a daunting task, but one which is necessary if we are to realize progressive and sustainable futures.

consiliarius Group

An interdependent executive advisory that brings together the right combination of perspective, knowledge, and expertise to inspire pragmatic thinking for devising innovative approaches to problem solving in line with stated goals and objectives.

The Consiliarius Group is our senior internal executive body that advises the Directorate on matters pertaining to global human development strategy. It has key responsibilities in managing the organizations external affairs. In collaboration with stakeholders, alliances and support agents, the group brings innovative thinking, facilitation skills, strategic planning, and policy implementation skills to deliver services in key mission-essential areas.

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What is the purpose of having a Team Member Workspace?

Agency operations are based in a collaborative framework where members and teams come together to consult on a particular project or to resolve an issue. The nature of global complexities is so much that no one individual has the wherewithal, knowledge and expertise to provide much needed solutions. Aspiring minds through group-effort are more likely to generate the type of knowledge required upon which to expand as foundations for societal stability in this era of global transitioning.

You mention the need to be a conduit for spiritual-based solutions. How is this possible?

An excellent question, one that’s challenging to answer. Our western world exists within its own development model that’s valued based on materialistic accomplishment. Problems now occurring in western society date back to the industrial revolution; subsequent colonial expansionism, its practices, which spawned an excessive materialism. The western-style development model and its imbalances has spread worldwide, emulated by some national entities, now experiencing, to a degree, similar type societal problems.

Our attention is not on benefiting the generality of humankind, as it should be. Western-style development models are based on competitive cycles that benefit a minority few, along with an exponential increase in the dispossessed. To solve these inequalities, we must focus on humanity’s core driver, its spirituality, inherent to every individual; raise awareness of humanity’s commonalities; and strive to attain a conscious reality of humankind as an entity of one. These principles, when exploited to their fullest, will provide the sustaining criteria needed to plan development initiatives and, when implemented, over time, will yield positive results.

You implied there are resources available which remained untapped. What were you referring to?

Besides development specialists and many other professionals and nonprofessionals alike responding to the need to find meaningful ways to address systemic social, political and economic problems, there remain those who feel unqualified or just don’t know how they can help. It is the latter whom we identify as untapped resources. They often have deep insight into the source and nature of pervasive and divisive societal problems, but lack ways to express their ideas and opinions. Through our work, we encourage, inspire, and provide ways to support and garner quality input from this untapped resource.

Let's Build Something Together

We propose a ‘theory of change’ centered on spirituality, creativity, ability, conscious awareness, and oneness⎯commonalities that together define the human species and used as the basis to resolve social and economic dysfunctions; with philosophic acumen and understandings addressed through an innovative framework.

challenges faced by humanity
The range of challenges faced by humanity testifies to an economic order becoming dysfunctional. Ills such as extremes of wealth and poverty, growing inequality, and systemic corruption are destabilizing societies and tearing apart the fabric of far too many communities. These challenges highlight the scarcity of any true social consensus about fundamental aspects of contemporary economic systems, i.e., the nature of work, the purpose of wealth, and duties of one’s family, the community, and others. Any society which lauds material wealth becomes unequal in perspective and functions. It becomes detached from a sense of social and moral responsibility, witnessed by the shaping of laws in ways that perpetuate intractable forms of inequality.

Addressing structural issues such as these will require innovative approaches from nontraditional sources. It becomes vital that we develop the ability to see capacity and strength in individuals, communities and populations, that building capacity through human diversity is a progressive step toward the eradication of poverty. In this way, we move from a deficit mentality to one centered on a moral requirement of abundance through shared opportunity.

Efforts made to bring about ‘unity of vision’ will foster greater discourse and collaboration to resolve problems, a unifying effort rather than one marked by divisiveness and partisanship.

Transformative Change

Transformative change can only come if we transcend the realm of technique in order to address the question of the true and ultimate aim of development: human advancement by knowledge, culture, and industry; quality of life by health and social stability; well-being and happiness.

Hands-on expertise by a small cadre of experts and specialists can only accomplish so much. In contrast, expanding the foundations of human well-being will require a much wider discourse. No longer will it be possible to advancement a global civilization by a few working on behalf of the many. Rather, it will need to be shouldered by a greater percentage of the human family that increases in its proportion. Click to view Understand Change.

Human Impact on the Natural Environment

‘The natural world, in all its wonder and majesty, offers profound insight into the essence of interdependence. From the biosphere as a whole to the smallest microorganism, it demonstrates how dependent any one life-form is on numerous others—and how imbalances in one system reverberate across an interconnected whole.’

‘Human beings exercise a level of influence over the natural world unique among all forms of life on the planet. At times, this has been construed as justification for an orientation toward mastery and control of nature, buttressed by notions of ownership and dominance. As more and more people have come to recognize humanity’s interconnection with and dependence on the environment,…they have accepted that our unique impact carries with it the inescapable duty to nurture and protect the natural world.’ Click to View Ecosystem Ecology.

freedom of conscience
The individual’s freedom of conscience, religion and belief is at the core of social development and of efforts to create a just and harmonious society. The collective task of moving towards increasing levels of integration will require recognition of not only the economic and social dimensions, but also the spiritual and moral dimensions of human life. Before one can connect with others, one must be free to think, to know, and to believe.

The human being is not only an economic and social creature but also a noble one with a free will and a conscience that makes possible the search for meaning and for truth. Without the freedom to pursue this basic human quest, neither dignity nor justice is possible. Expressing a work ethic through one’s religious belief-system can emanate spiritual responsibility, an element needed in development discourse and its hands-on projects.

World Citizenship
World citizenship begins with an acceptance of the oneness of the human family and the interconnectedness it sponsors as the earth is our native habitat, our home. While sane and legitimate patriotism remains, it also insists upon a wider loyalty, a love of humanity which does not imply an abandonment of legitimate loyalties, suppression of cultural diversity, abolition of national autonomy, or imposition of uniformity.

World citizenship encompasses the principles of social and economic justice, both within and between nations and societies; non-adversarial decision making at all levels of society; equality of the sexes; racial, ethnic, national, and religious harmony; and willingness to sacrifice for the common good. It also includes human honor and dignity, understanding, amity, cooperation, trustworthiness, compassion and the willingness to serve.

Fostering world citizenship is a practical strategy for promoting sustainable development. A global sustainable pattern of development is realized so long as disunity, antagonism and provincialism do not characterize the social, political and economic relations within and among nations. World citizenship then becomes an education standard made integral to all academic discourse based on the oneness of humanity, the principle that underlies world citizenship.

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