World Order

Dimensions of engagement

We envision a world order defined by dimensions of engagement that supersede the colonial, materialistic, exploitative, and imperialistic systems of the past. These involved social and political norms that perpetuated continuing cycles of human subjugation, sufferings, and exploitation from the 15th century until 1960-1970. This ten-year period witnessed an official end to colonialism, but not those lingering effects which continue to ravage human populations worldwide, inaugurated through policies, procedures, and convictions inherent to empire expansionism.

A global effort is imperative for implementing ethical and moral systems of governance that, over time, will diminish the lingering effects of any insidious residue from ages of human exploitation. Humanity must host the values, standards, spiritual efficacy, and principles of unity and justice that, based on plans that include succeeding milestones and objectives, will do much to benefit the world’s people, nations, races, creeds, and classes.

Genesis of change

Studying world orders established by nation-states holds value, yet a plethora of materials exist to explore international relations in historical periods preceding modern times and beyond Europe. There were world orders before Westphalia and the 17th century: ‘the East’ too has been home to world orders (and world orderers), and by looking at Asian world orders that came before European hegemony, we are able to learn much about their influence in the past and on future developments that took place within what would become know as “Europe” (1). No doubt, future research will reveal and account for others that now lie as ‘hidden secrets’.

Based on our understanding, ‘world order’ has a universalising ambition at its core and is expansive in its vision. This view of a World Order represents a departure from prior experiences, to mark foundations able to spearhead an inclusive humanity, while appreciating and drawing from the creativity inherent in its vast and complex diversity. We project that this influential process will unfold within extended time-horizons.

As for world order, people do not see themselves as having a defining role in the international system. They choose to consider world problems using simplistic metaphorical terms such as globalization, the principle of oneness, or by acknowledging humanity as a one human family. These are helpful, but of themselves do not produce positive results. Though the elements are there, we know little about them, making it important for us to understand the interaction of ideas with complex social, political, and economic systems, and cultural identities that pertain to a diverse humanity, that together will forge meanings of ‘a one world family’. The next step is to plan ways and by what means to create and implement standards and procedures to bring this concept to reality.



Strategic dimensions of world order encapsulate parameters, concepts, norms and principles that engage human diversity in long range planning. This process acknowledges all individual humans as striving to become more developed, unified and sustained through the collaborative efforts of diverse entities, entities that represent distinctive expressions of a single human race and in ways that contribute to the advance of global civilization.

time horizons

Advancing human civilization will require a style of planning that includes projected time-horizons that extend far into a distant and unknown future; meaning, a series of long-range plans that are crucial for aligning goals, milestones, and objectives within strategic requirements and are able to guard against expected but often unknown social irregularities and similar occurrences in processes associated with systems of governing.


This technique implies effective planning to both define and position expected intervals of achievement designed primarily to spearhead a continuation of progressive futures. Based on review and analysis of the progress achieved, team-planners and others, at the appropriate time and interval, make necessary adjustments as required.  This contingency comprises theoretical frameworks, projections and forms that shape a genesis of change.

Human will

Change requires overcoming a paralysis of human will to make fundamental shifts in thinking, which equates to gaining a higher level of human consciousness. The focus is on

diversity inclusiveness, developing the potential of the human spirit to surmount difficulties, to acquire the ability to devise and implement those sustaining pathways (social, political, etc.) that are able to secure positive action in human society.


As a progressive institution, we draw attention not as a specialized development wizard, but one whose aim is to invoke an in-depth visionary stance able to effect a stewardship of long-range sustainable planning. The aim is to engender for maximum effectiveness a collective and unified effort that's needed to energize the vast and creative potential inherent to a diverse-many. This will foster inclusive cultures to collaborate and engage with extensive criteria and methods for effective problem-solving.


Relying on comprise to satisfy oppositional approaches in problem-solving is an invalid concept. Its a limited approach to positive change based primarly on various forms of coercion. Devising structures for world order will require acting at the level of new and verifiable 'meanings' before making comprehensive changes to current norms practices. This approach to social change influenced by principles associated with uniified endeavours.


The elevation of change and its appearance within collaborative cultures will, over time, foster a matrix of meanings that delineate strategic dimensions of a strengthening world order, to include its philosiphic underpinnings; elements of which are described below.

collaborative cultures

matrix of Meanings


Philosophic Underpinnings

Philosophic underpinnings aligned with dimensions of engagement to support milestone stratagems for world order achievements.
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New Understandings

Eenvision and bring to fruition the intellectual life of humanity by devising those creative pathways for new era achievements.
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The Asian World Order

Before modern Europe existed there was a grand, interconnected political world, rich in scientific and artistic exchange.
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humanity, an entity of One

We will revel in the fact, based on science, of the reality that humankind lives comfortable in its oneness as a species.
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Human Species Identity

Secure a durable foundation for promoting a global human polity, the conscious reality of the need for collective human bonding.
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community build - design concept

Portends the advance of human development in the global context, initiated through the Global Reach Initiative. See below.
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Moral Courage

Willingness to take action for moral reasons
despite doubts or fears about adverse consequences.
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Global Reach Initiative

The initiative executes agency protocols to plan and implement stakeholder support through the prism of diversity inclusiveness.
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Trilateral Integration

Leadership, law and governance fuse as a unified construct to empower humanity’s quest to achieve sustainable outcomes.
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Religious association

Success in development requires consideration is given to the totality of the human experience, within a cultural and religious context.
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On Being Human

A new perspective, to find the ‘head space’ needed to realize the underlying reason about what it means to be human.
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Influence your thinking to induce personal growth, with a willingness to promote a positive directional change in one's self and in life.
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